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 Loeb Legacy

Get to know our founder, John Loeb

When you pop a cork on a bottle of wine do you ponder the passion that went into the bottle?  Think about it.  You're holding a glass filled with the passion and inspiration of an intimate group who put their heart and soul into making what you are sipping: a singular vision of excellence in vineyard expression

Ambassador Loeb took a risk and purchased vineyard in Sonoma in 1973 before it was “the thing to do.”  So as you take a sip, be thankful that Loeb went out on a limb and know that you are drinking the results of a great man’s vision.

A few things that John Loeb has Accomplished

  • Loeb is a DIPLOMAT. He served as the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark and as a delegate to the United Nations.   
  • Loeb is a VETERAN.  He was a First Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.
  • Loeb is an ENVIRONMENTALIST.  He was a special adviser to Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller on environmental matters, chairman of New York State Council on Environmental Advisors.
  • Loeb is a BUSINESS MAN.  We could go on and on about his accomplishments in the business world. Just google Ambassador Loeb and learn more about the amazing man who we are proud to honor with his name and his crest on our label.  
  • Loeb is a PHILANTHROPIST and a HUMANITARIAN who founded the George Washington Institute for Religious Freedom to provide civic education enrichment programs to classrooms in the US.

What is the Crest on the Label?

The Loeb Coat of Arms was bestowed on John Loeb by the Queen of Denmark and the Queen of England. We ask ... If you had your own coat of arms, given to you by royalty and registered with the College of Heralds, wouldn’t you put it on YOUR wine label?  Or maybe you would rather have it as a tattoo. Here’s a fun fact you can WOW your friends with… to really look smart … like you speak Latin. The words on the crest “Voluntas est Via” translated means “where there’s a will there’s a way.”